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Who I am ?

The Experience

I am a graphics and a digital marketing professional who has progressed to be a project manager over years of experience. Having gained over a decade of experience in this ever evolving field, I enjoy the challenges of busy and demanding work environment. My work has been recognized with multiple awards and recognitions thus motivating me to keep going…

The Thought Process

Over the years, I have been fortunate to work for premium institutes and local companies like Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Centre for Advanced Computers and Management Studies, Digital Velocity, and many more. I started my career as a graphic editor, progressed as a color correction and retouching artist, then as a graphics designer, progressed further as a microsite web designer and content manager. My appetite to learn and work continued and I progressed towards end to end email marketing, search engine optimization and Ad-banner management to a certified and hands on project manager who leads a group of talented team.